ADDRESS : 9321-23 Krewstown Rd, Philadelphia
For order Call: (267) 377 3250, 215 420 4200

About Us


The destination of the finest and most authentic Indian gastronomical experiences. We have travelled major culinary regions in Asia and spent years learning from local sources to make sure that every dish we serve is authentic.

With state of art ambience and authentic food preparation, Mayura Restaurant promises great dining experiences. We welcome you to indulge in this unique effort that blends traditional cooking with an ambience that pays homage to the glorious culture of the region.

Best Cuisines


We offer a wide variety of traditional, old-fashioned Indian cuisine dishes and drinks and a monumental, bigger than life interior, accomplished in an imperial style!

Cultural aspects and attributes have been incorporated into the dining experience to help you rediscover the heritage and history that has helped shape South Indian culture.

Mr. Shaji

(Main Chef)

Call: (267) 377 3250

Enjoy our delicious meal